CyberGrants, the engine that helps fuel 40% of all corporate giving, has a unique perspective on Giving Tuesday (and an unusual way to celebrate it!)

Giving Tuesday is an epic day for CyberGrants, a small company based in Andover, Massachusetts. CyberGrants provides software and services for administering grantmaking and corporate philanthropy efforts. They have 450 clients, including over half the Fortune 100, many of whom execute Giving Tuesday programs.

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“Giving Tuesday is basically our Super Bowl Sunday,” says Pete Karns, SVP Operations. “We know it’s going to be an incredible day and we’re all going to work from the wee hours of the morning until well into the night.  The crazy thing is, nobody minds because of the tremendous impact of the day!”  According to Karns, email requests from donors contributing to Giving Tuesday campaigns all over the globe are 8 times the normal amount, skyrocketing from around 1,000 emails/day to over 8,000 on Giving Tuesday.  “We don’t go home until every Giving Tuesday email has been answered,” said Karns.

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“I’ve participated in Giving Tuesday before, but nothing prepares you for what it’s like when you’re CEO of a company that eats, drinks and breathes giving!”  said Mark Layden, CEO of CyberGrants. “CyberGrants provides the most efficient and secure way for companies to participate in Giving Tuesday, so we feel like we play a unique role in the impact of the Giving Tuesday movement” said Layden.

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“We are incredibly proud of all of our generous clients, especially JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America who have participated in Giving Tuesday for years.  This year we’re excited to see our clients Tufts Health and BD jump in and participate in Giving Tuesday for the first time as well” said Layden. “Last year, our team processed over $7 million dollars in employee giving on Giving Tuesday alone!  We also saw employee donations go up 61% from the year before. Frankly, I can’t wait to see what happens this year.” Layden said.

Since Giving Tuesday is always CyberGrants’ highest volume day of the year and incredibly busy, the company approaches the following Thursday with gusto. Dubbed “Pajama Thursday”, the entire office comes dressed in pajamas to celebrate the end of Giving Tuesday and to commemorate the company’s annual pajama drive.

Every year during our Pajama Drive, we collect hundreds of new kids' pajamas for local families in need. We divide our employees into teams and compete to see who can donate the most pajamas. We also have a series of PJ Challenges to earn pajamas for our teams. It’s a lot of fun and highly competitive…we’ve played hide and seek to find hidden pajamas around the office, had a competition for who can fold a laundry basket of pajamas the fastest,  and always take a “p’jelfie” (which is a selfie of yourself buying pajamas on Black Friday).” said Liz Bardetti, Marketing Director at CyberGrants.  

“We only have 164 employees, but we collected 853 pairs of PJs to donate last year!  The generosity and dedication of our employees is truly incredible,” said Bardetti.

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