Why Corporate Giving Software is Your Next Best Investment

The business case for implementing a strategic corporate social responsibility plan has been made. Employees are far more socially aware than those of generations past, and consumers are just as selective. It’s important that the view of your company from the outside is similar to that which you have going on internally and when it comes to better business practices, building a corporate giving program is a wonderful connection of each. The right program will display the values of your organization, support the culture you want to have established and play on the strengths and priorities of your workforce.

These are wonderful and proven ideas, but they are still only actualized through some heavy lifting. Your program can be the best in the community and still only receive subpar participation. That is, unless you have embraced corporate giving software….

Offers expert support

It’s never a great practice to have a tool for the sake of adding tools. It’s not even advisable to choose a tool just for the sake of digitizing your processes. The success of a corporate giving program relies heavily on buy-in from all levels. We often consider employees to be the problem when participation numbers are low, but how on board is your management team? Those will be the individuals who facilitate your corporate giving process and encourage employees to work within it.

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Luckily, effective CSR technology will do more than provide digital processes for your efforts. For instance, we knew how important it was for our clients to have access to an expert on both the functionality of our software, but also in the world of corporate giving. Look for a vendor who provides strategic planning and assistance like a partner, not just a technology.

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Automation for internal team

Research shows that even though employees want to participate in workplace giving and volunteering, they do not wish to work hard in finding or learning of those opportunities. When it comes to learning about engagement opportunities…

  • 43% of employees want to learn via internal email or newsletters
  • 38% via management
  • 31% via collateral/events in the office
  • 27% via intranets and customized portals

Your people are committed to doing good work, but they’re also committed to keeping their job. When your organization provides insight on CSR opportunities, it allows them to feel the comfort of participating. Even more, depending on the structure of your company, simply hearing of these opportunities can be a major obstacle in participation numbers. With a solid corporate giving software that challenge doesn’t exist. A good system will integrate with other internal systems to act as an extension of corporate tools. The management team should be able to pass off some of their responsibility on the software, freeing up the time needed to actually communicate program details.

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Adds Security

Safety has to be mentioned when it comes to any process that touches on the sensitive information of your employees and businesses practices. Often, when we hear “digital,” we think of all the system breaches that have been experienced in the past. Introducing new paperless processes always seem to evoke a few chills from business leaders. The alternative, however, is to keep all important documents and communication in paper format, where loss and destruction are far more probable.

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When the right CSR or grant management system is used, companies can transfer all documentation onto one platform and assign role-based access for the internal team. Additionally, it will prevent intrusion through continuous monitoring and encrypt stored sensitive information so all information is safe from prying eyes.

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