World Food Day Is Today, October 16th - Ways you can help make a difference

Food is a fundamental and basic human right, and today is a day of observance of the plight of the hungry and the goal of eradicating worldwide hunger in our lifetime. Observed in over 150 countries and supported by many other organizations concerned with food security, including the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, this year’s World Food Day 2019 focuses on SDG 2 - Zero Hunger, with the theme  ”Healthy Diets and Zero Hunger World.” 

According to the Borgen Report, these three statistics on their website stand as reminders of why a day like World Food Day is an important reminder of the enormity of the problem:

  • Approximately 842 million people suffer from hunger worldwide. That’s almost 12 percent of the world’s population of 7.1 billion people.
  • Ninety-eight percent of those who suffer from hunger live in developing countries. 553 million live in the Asian and Pacific regions, while 227 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Latin America and the Caribbean account for 47 million.
  • Approximately 9 million people die of world hunger each year according to world hunger statistics; more than the death toll for malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined in 2012

One in nine people globally experience chronic hunger.  As you reflect upon the day and how you and your organization can help, here are some ideas and resources you can use to make a difference.

How you can help

According to, in the United States, 37,227,000 people are struggling with hunger - and of them 11,174,000 are children. Many people that are food insecure rely on food banks as their primary or supplementary food source. 

To learn more about hunger in the United States, to donate to Feeding America, or find a local food bank, please visit:

You can also make donations for food to your local animal shelter.

Encourage your employees to give to a local food bank or organize a food drive

The top requested items for food banks are healthy, non-perishable items such as canned or dry beans, peanut butter, rolled oats, low-sodium soups and vegetables, cereal,  and tuna canned in water. 

For information about how to organize a food drive, click here.

Raise money to end hunger and volunteer!

From arranging a charity walk to setting up a monthly donations, there is a lot you can do to help raise money for hunger causes. For a listing of top international hunger charities, click here.

See what you can do in observance not only on this day, but all of the other days of the year. Let’s end world hunger and promote healthy eating together!


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