CyberGrants employees collect over 1,200 pairs of pajamas for local families in need!

Our annual Pajama Drive reached new heights this year with the help of CyberGrants new Viral Engagement features.  This is the fourth consecutive year we've collected pajamas to donate to families in need, but the first year we've been able to use our Viral Engagement features to generate even more excitement among our employees about our effort.  A live leaderboard intensified our usual friendly competition and the activity feed allowed employees to be more engaged by sharing photos and team updates. 

We kept the excitement going over several weeks by having multiple "PJ Challenges"...including a Pajama Relay Race, PJ Hide and Seek, and a Team Photo Competition.  Each of these challenges was shared via CyberGrants Viral Engagement features, and helped us raise even more pajamas for The Community Giving Tree and The Children's Home Society.

We celebrated our success by having our annual Pajama Day (wear your PJs to work) and treating our employees to brunch.

Group Staff Photo of PJ Day 2018

Getting employees involved and engaged can be difficult, especially during busy times of the year, but the proof is in our peer to peer social approach. Learn more about CyberGrants Viral Engagement or Request a Demo.

Viral Engagement Features:

Social Page
Enjoy a centralized for the key online components of your social program. Give employees a truly compelling experience that looks great on both a desktop and mobile device. All capabilities are available regardless of the device they use to access the social content.

Personal Goals & Statistics
Dashboards allow individuals to see and track their personal impact on the specific causes they care about.

Activity Feed
The Activity Feed gives employees shared feelings of connection around a common mission. When this happens, they do more. Volunteer more. Contribute more.

Employee Photo Upload
Share more! Images will appear both in the Activity Feed and the Photo Gallery. Usable on both mobile and desktop, employees can create albums and share photos.

Team Leaderboard
Gamification spurs competition between individuals and teams. They become more Involved. Engaged. United.

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