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Our blog will share company news and events, as well as thoughts on happenings within the CSR (corporate social responsibility) industry. We welcome your input and feedback.

2018 CSR Planner: A Monthly Calendar for Corporate Philanthropy Success!

We’ve talked about creating your perfect CSR plan. It’s all about finding the cause that speaks to your employees, focusing on obtainable goals and...

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Your 2018 CSR Battle Plan

A new year means new plans - including a great CSR plan. But knowing that you want to create and implement a successful process and actually doing so...

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2018’s Biggest Threats to Your Corporate Philanthropy Initiatives

The demand for corporate social responsibility has never been higher. The impact CSR can make on your consumer brand and employer brand is tremendous....

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Top 7 Best Practices to Supercharge Giving Programs

At CyberGrants, we get to work with the best of the best. Our clients, who include over half of the F100 and many F500, gave over $6.5 billion last...

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Mitigating Risk with 3 Key CSR Strategies

You cannot manage what you do not measure. We know the saying but for some reason when it comes to CSR initiatives, we tend to ignore this sage (and...

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Authenticity: Why it’s a Cornerstone of your CSR Story

A solid corporate social responsibility strategy is built using crucial backbones like values, mission statements and data. At the root of each, is one...

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A Look Back on Corporate Philanthropy’s Biggest Stories of 2017

An approaching new year always inspires reflection, and 2017 was definitely one for the books. Policy changes and tragedies might have ruled the...

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Sharing Your CSR Story with Internal & External Stakeholders

A 2017 survey unveiled that 85% of employees believe US organizations undervalue empathy, which is a 5% increase from 2016. Fewer than half of those...

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5 Unique Ways to Share the Impact Your Company Made in 2017

The benefits and rewards for developing and maintaining a corporate social responsibility program are not only numerous, they’re well discussed. In...

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